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Tech-Driven Business Models You Need to Know About – Adult Entertainment Expo

As the technology-driven digital revolution continues to change forever the way we not only communicate with one another but do business with one another, it’s important for businesses to understand the many ways in which the technologies themselves often lead to new business models. There many opportunities to reengage the consumer across a number of exciting new platforms if you understand how the technologies and the underlying business models work together to produce revenue. This seminar gathers together a panel of industry experts, including Moderated by AVN online senior editor Tom Hymes, this seminar gathers together industry experts Max Baptist VIII, D-Dub Software/BoneTown, Quentin Boyer of PinkVisual/Top Bucks, Scott Coffman of AEBN, John Jolliffe of EroticVision.TV, Kevin “Stroker Serpentine” Alderman of Eros LLC and Al Wells with AVNRewards/CPA Wins, to explain in plain English how tech-driven business-models can work for you.

Streaming Porn, Roku-Style: Can Sex Sell the Set Top Box?

Remember what cable TV was like in the early ’80s? Sure, now we have shows like the Sopranos, the Daily Show, and Mad Men, but back then it was mostly Emmanuelle 8 on “Skinemax” and HBO’s Real Sex. Now it seems a similar evolutionary tale is playing out in the world of web-to-TV streaming devices. First came the news that Boxee would feature an adult content app, cleverly named BoXXXee. Then, last week, adult entertainment company EroticVision.TV announced they would be streaming videos to users’ TVs via the Roku digital video player.

Roku adding porn to their lineup –

DiggThisWe told you previously that Roku might be adding some hidden porn to their service, but we didn’t expect it to be this soon. Adult entertainment company EroticVision.TV just announced that they are teaming up with Roku to bring lots of nasty, nasty, girls (and boys) to your living room.

Roku Player Will Soon Stream Porn –

I guess this was hinted at back in November, but now it’s an all but certain reality: the Roku player will soon stream porn to your television set.

EroticVision.TV Brings Porn to the Big Screen – Xbiz News

LOS ANGELES — EroticVision.TV (EVTV) has announced the launch of its new IPTV service, which brings the best in adult entertainment to big-screen televisions, via the Internet and the Roku Digitial Video Player.According to the company, EroticVision.TV allows users to enjoy adult content on a television without hooking a PC directly to it. Using the content provider’s existing infrastructure and Internet content delivery systems, EroticVision.TV creates the interface and “back-office” services that allow the delivery of HD or SD content to the Roku Digital Video Player.

BDSM on the Bedroom Big Screen! Wasteland Embraces the Roku – Adult Video Network

The iconic fetish website and partner to bring high-quality digital adult entertainment directly onto the big screens in your home, bypassing the cable and satellite middlemen

Roku announces Roku Channel Store, adds Facebook and Pandora (and maybe porn!)-
Your Roku box just got a whole lot more interesting. Roku, if you remember, makes the Roku player, a small device that sits next to your TV and plays Netflix, Amazon Video, and MLB selections. Roku has just added ten new channels to that line-up and built a fascinating platform for adding more down the line. The current channels will include:, Facebook Photos, Flickr, FrameChannel, Mediafly, MobileTribe, Motionbox, Pandora, Revision3 and TWiT. More channels will be available here shortly. Read more…